5 questions with Him Law

5 questions with Him Law

Him Law

By Zhang Weifang, TODAY

You can’t deny the fact that Him Law is hot. Never mind about our equally atrocious Mandarin that transpired during the 12-minute interview or the fact that his manager had to do most of the translating for him because he ended up speaking in Cantonese. Beyond it all, he was amiable, polite and delivered a firm handshake before our interview began.

Law is currently nominated in My Favourite TVB Supporting Actor category for The Hippocractic Crush II at the upcoming Starhub TVB Awards, which will be held on Oct 11 at Marina Bay Sands. The TVB artiste will also be starring in the second season of Tiger Cubs that airs in Hong Kong this month, acting alongside Joe Ma, Linda Chung and Oscar Leung.

“There will be more action, more explosive scenes and multiplied fighting scenarios in Tiger Cubs 2. The production is bigger this time around,” Law ended, before whipping out his phone and showing me a clip of a scene in which he fires a rifle.

Q: What is important to you when it comes to dressing up?
A: My outfits must definitely be comfortable. I’m a very sporty person and I don’t really like to wear too much prints and embellishments so I tend to favour simple yet stylish get-ups. I’m mostly in T-shirts and track pants. I would say my style is very Abercrombie & Fitch – casual.

Q: Definitely not what you’re wearing now, right? (as pictured)
A: I don’t normally dress like this. (Laughs) This outfit is purely for work.

Him Law

Q: Are there any items you think are essential in every man’s wardrobe?
A: A well-tailored suit. A suit looks really good on a man but it needs to be tailored especially for us Asian men. Our proportions are smaller than that of a European’s so it definitely needs to be custom made. A watch is also essential. I think it’s important a man changes his watch as he ages.

Q: Besides comfort, what else do you think completes the outfit?
A: The most important thing is a good hairstyle. If you have one, you will look sharp. As an artiste, we need to keep our hair perfectly coiffed to look presentable. So I really don’t bother much with it at when I’m at home. You won’t be able to recognise me. (Laughs)

Q: What about your ever-youthful look? Is there a skincare routine you swear by?
A: I believe the path to having good skin is to engage in sports regularly. Your diet doesn’t matter much. I jog about 8km daily, lift weight and try to break into a sweat everyday to maintain good skin and a good physique. I eat whatever I like, really. I love fatty pork meat and Peking duck.

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