6 fashion trends every man should avoid

Walk away from these fashion trends and never, ever look back.


Photos: TPG Images/Click Photos

1. Head bands
The man bun might be back in vogue, but head bands were never even a thing. Just trust us on this; if David Beckham couldn’t pull it off, you shouldn’t even think about it. No matter how long your hair fringe might be.

2. Leather shorts
Two words - sweaty b*lls. Now let that image sit on your mind before realising what a huge mistake they are.


3. Rat’s tail
Unless you are a Jedi apprentice (which we highly doubt so), there is no plausible reason why you should be sporting a rat’s tail — it will haunt you for life. Don’t believe us, just ask Ewan McGregor aka Obi Wan from Star Wars: Episode One.

4. Drop–crotch trousers
You know how when you look back at your old photos and recoil in horror at your fashion choices? Well, chances are the drop-crotch trousers belong in that category. If you can fit a puppy in your pants, then you need to rethink your entire pants-buying process.


5. Woman panties
Sure, it might be fine donning a pair of female knickers on a drunken dare or if that’s how you get your freak on in the bedroom. But under no circumstances on a daily basis! Unless you are a drag queen or Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club.

6. Disney movie t-shirts
As if listening to Let It Go repeatedly isn’t painful enough, you want to pile on the misery by reminding everyone around you how Disney is taking over the world. By the way, getting complimented by a nine-year-old girl is not the endorsement that a normal man should crave for. Just sayin’.

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