Fit boxer Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried has revealed her top tips to keep fit and says boxing and running help her stay "strong" and slim.

Fit boxer Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried keeps fit by boxing.

The 29-year-old actress has a set exercise regime which she follows in order to stay "strong" rather than look "skinny".

Although she sometimes has to skip some sessions when she's shooting a movie, Seyfried feels as though her body gets the best workout when she straps on the gloves and pounds the punch bag.

In an interview with ES Magazine, she said: "When I'm not working too hard I try to see a trainer twice a week. I do weight training, a bit of boxing and running at the gym. I aim for that 'strong not skinny' look."

As well as accepting she has a responsibility to her work to stay in great shape, the 'Ted 2' star also likes to look good in designer clothes.

Seyfried's most recent fashion splurge was a pink Chloé coat and she is wishing summer away so she can wear the warming garment everywhere.

She said: "It may be summer but I've just bought a coat from Chloé. It's pink and beige, a little oversized and goes beautifully with my hair. I just happened to pass the store when I was last in Paris. I see myself wearing it everywhere: London, New York, even around the house. I can't wait for the autumn."

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