Gabrielle Union talks Beyonce inspiration

'Being Mary Jane' star Gabrielle Union says it's "not worth" going out of the house if she doesn't look like Beyonce or Janet Jackson.

Gabrielle Union talks Beyonce inspiration

Gabrielle Union says it's not worth going out of the house unless she looks like "Beyonce or Janet Jackson".

The 'Being Mary Jane' actress admits she prefers comfort more than anything when it comes to choosing her outfits on a daily basis because she hates "fidgeting all day" with her clothing choices, but admitted she does like to take risks on occasions.

Speaking about her "evolving" style, she said: "I'm not going to force myself into an outfit that just doesn't look right [even if it's planned].

"If my body is not cooperating that day I am not going to force it and then be uncomfortable and fidgeting all day and feeling insecure about something.

"If I can't walk out of the house feeling like Beyoncé it's not worth it. If I don't feel like Beyoncé or Janet Jackson, it's like, What are we doing here?

"I like to just take risks. Sometimes the weather dictates fashion and my sense of style and sometimes it's the city I'm in. A lot of times it's just my mood!"

While she enjoys embracing similar styles to Beyonce and Janet, the 43-year-old beauty currently has an obsession with trainers.

She added to PeopleStyle: "Right now I'm in a space of being a sneaker head so I'm kind of obsessed with how to marry comfort to fashion and style."

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