Gal Gadot has limited make-up skills

Gal Gadot has "limited" make-up skills and relies on her beauty team because she "struggles" to perfect a sleek eyeliner flick.

Gal Gadot has limited make-up skills

Gal Gadot's make-up skills are "limited."

The 30-year-old actress - who has reprised the iconic role of Wonder Woman in the DC Comics blockbuster 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' - relies heavily on her beauty team because she "struggles" to execute the perfect flick of eyeliner when she's left to her own devices.

Speaking to Marie Claire magazine about her cosmetic calamity, the brunette beauty said: "I struggle to do my own eyeliner. I've had so many tips from make-up artists over the years - they tell me to do it this way or do it that way. But I can't get it right - I'm still working on it. I rely on a great team to get me ready for events and appearances. My make-up skills are limited, so if I have to I will mix a little foundation with my lotion so I'm really not wearing very much base, and then I'll add some bronzer - that's about it."

However, what the former model lacks in her make-up regime, she makes up for with her hair treatment.

She said previously: "I think I do too much with my hair. People say you shouldn't wash it every day but I usually do. I use Kérastase serum every morning to keep my roots strong. I like to keep it really clean with Dr Fischer shampoos. It's an Israeli brand, very simple and I love the natural scent."

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