GE2015 special: 2 fashion must-haves

Vote now for amusing T-shirts inspired by local politicians and cool sacs featuring local icons


1. Wear your political support on your sleeve

So what’ll it be come Sept 11? The ‘Lee-der’ in white, the ‘co-driver’ in blue or the ‘Chiam-pion’ in red? The SGPolit-icons T-shirts from local design studio Cerealbox Shop ask Singaporeans to see the light-hearted side of the upcoming elections, because, as they say, “Elections are serious business, but we don’t always have to show our support in a serious way.” We say that no matter what your political leanings are, these cheeky tees are good for a chuckle. Check out these and other SGPolit-icons tees ($29.90 each) on, and see if you can tell your political icons apart.

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