Gigi Hadid doesn't see Kendall Jenner as competition

Gigi Hadid insists there is no competition between herself and her close friends Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, even though the trio are all successful models.

Gigi Hadid doesn't see Kendall Jenner as competition

Gigi Hadid claims there's no competition between herself and Kendall Jenner.

The blonde beauty insists she would never put her career before her close friend and fellow model Kendall and is certain they will never fall out over jobs as they both have completely different looks.

When asked how it feels to go up against the raven-haired beauty and their pal Hailey Baldwin, she said: "I don't really feel competition like that. Especially in a job like this--we look different, like Hailey is brunette now. So literally, if they want Kendall they're not going to want someone who looks like me. It's completely different. I think friendships are a lot more valuable than one job. If you're going to let it ruin that, then that's stupid."

Although Gigi, 20, was a staple on the catwalk during the Fall 2015 runway shows this year, she confessed she still feels she has a long way to go before she is up to the standard of former Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss.

She said: "I will be the first to say, when I started, I was the worst on the runway ever. I feel like I try to keep learning every time I step off a runway, I try to get better with each one. I hope that I'm getting better as I go - it takes a few seasons to get your Karlie Kloss walk on."

Gigi - who first appeared in Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit edition last year - added she still finds her success "surreal" and is looking forward to what the future has in store for her.

She told Harper's Bazaar magazine: "It's still surreal. I'm just trying to take it all in. It's going so fast you don't really have time to stop and process it, but it's amazing - I'm having so much fun. I love my job and I've made so many amazing friends and connections through it.

"I have three goals every day: be nice, work hard and make friends. Those are my daily goals, and I feel like those are the things that create opportunity and creating connections that will then lead to other things that I may not have planned for otherwise."

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