Gigi Hadid is the 'perfect Versace woman'

Gigi Hadid is the "perfect Versace woman", according to Donatella Versace, who believes the 21-year-old is both beautiful and hard-working.

Gigi Hadid is the 'perfect Versace woman'

Gigi Hadid is the "perfect Versace woman", according to Donatella Versace.

The 61-year-old Italian fashion designer and current Vice President of the Versace Group has admitted the 21-year-old supermodel - who stars in the Versace Autumn/ Winter 2016 campaign - is the ideal candidate to represent the luxury brand because she is hard-working and beautiful.

Speaking to the Telegraph online about the blonde beauty, the creative mastermind said: "As soon as I met Gigi, we clicked.

"I love that feeling when you meet someone new, and you know straight away you're going to be friends. Gigi is a true supermodel because not only is she stunningly beautiful, she is also gracious and works incredibly hard. She is a natural supermodel, and a perfect Versace woman."

Meanwhile the fashion mogul - who has taken hold of the Versus line of the fashion house for the past three years - has revealed Gigi inspired her to join Instagram last year, which saw her post her first photo of the pair on set of the luxury brand's Autumn/Winter 2015 campaign.

Speaking about the momentous occasion and the benefits of social media, Donatella said: "It was a very happy coincidence that my first post was with someone who understands social media so well.

"So many people are scared of Instagram or social media, but it's amazing to watch young people today and see how much it is a part of their lives. The new way that they communicate is very inspiring to me. They are so curious about the world, following people of so many different nationalities and backgrounds. Getting to know Gigi has made me fall in love with social media, and the new way it lets me see the world."

Meanwhile, Versace's latest campaign featuring Gigi and Karlie Kloss, 23 - who pose alongside their imagined children and partners in the advert, which was shot by Bruce Weber - has received growing discussion around portraying young females as mothers, but the style muse has admitted she has no intention of making her future campaigns less bold and controversial.

She explained: "My name is Versace - I don't know how to do things quietly, that is just my blood and my family. We make a noise, shout loud, never hold back on our opinions. This is why our campaigns have always been so bold, because my family has always provoked. Life would be so boring if we all did the same thing."

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