Gigi Hadid's stylist 'begs' her to push her style

Gigi Hadid's stylist "begs" her to push her style, and led her to discover a new found love for choker necklaces, and the blonde beauty has admitted she "needs" the assistance.

Gigi Hadid's stylist 'begs' her to push her style

Gigi Hadid's stylist "begs" her to push her style.

The 21-year-old supermodel - who signed with IMG Models in 2011 - has admitted she "needs" her personal stylist Monica Rose to "push" her fashion sense, despite being immersed in the fashion industry, which has led her to discover a new found love for chokers.

Speaking to Refinery29 online about partnering with Monica, the blonde beauty said: "We're really collaborative. I think that's why we get along so well. She'll pick things and beg me to put them on. Sometimes, they're amazing! That's why you need a stylist when you're in fashion - people ask why I have a stylist; it's because you need someone to push you in that way. Sometimes, she pushes me and it works. Sometimes, she pushes me and we just have a really good laugh about it.

"She probably turned me on to chokers a while ago. She put me in a choker before it was a thing, so go Monica Rose!"

Gigi - who is currently dating soloist Zayn Malik and featured in his music video 'Pillow Talk' - has revealed she doesn't like shopping because of her work, which sees her make regular outfit changes for catwalks and photo shoots.

The Evian spokesperson explained: "Honestly, I'm not a big shopper. I guess it's because it's my job to try things on.

"I love window shopping and I love shopping without having to go to the dressing room or take what I'm wearing off. That's why I love glasses and bags. I buy a lot of [those], because I don't try them on.

"I'd much rather go into Topshop [and buy something], go home, try it on, and then return it than stand in line for three hours."

Meanwhile, Gigi, who has a clothing line with Tommy Hilfiger, has revealed she designed her Met Gala dress to fit with the Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology theme.

Speaking previously she said: "I actually got to design my dress with the Tommy Hilfiger group, and we just finished designing my collaboration with them. It was more like I designed it, and I was so proud to wear it. I wanted to do sort of an inside-out corset, making it look like that was the metallic part."

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