Gillian Anderson's 'secret' brownie

Gillian Anderson has revealed she keeps a "secret brownie" in her purse to eat when she finds herself getting hungry or to reward herself for completing a task.

Gillian Anderson's 'secret' brownie

Gillian Anderson keeps a "secret brownie" in her purse.

The 'X-Files' star has revealed she can't help but indulge is some of her food guilty pleasures and regularly carries the sweet treat around with her incase she gets peckish.

She told PEOPLE magazine: "I always have a secret brownie in my purse and sometimes I carry it around for weeks.

"Today I finished an audiobook I was doing and the brownie was only a few days old so it was my indulgence."

Meanwhile, the 47-year-old actress previously revealed she doesn't feel as though her body is perfect but enjoys tai chi to keep herself slim.

She shared: "I've got flabby thighs, I'm aging and I'm 5-foot-3. I talk about my failing in contemporary society in terms of gyms or food or whatever. I think there's a polite appreciation that I'm honest.

"You immediately feel like you're one with nature [during tai chi]. You become the wind and the air you're breathing. It's something I'd be interested in studying - for balance."

Of her dietary requirements, she added: "I'm highly sensitive to food. Automatically, I can feel the shift in my body [if I eat wheat]."

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