Gwyneth Paltrow changed

Gwyneth Paltrow planned to change her London style when she moved to Los Angeles, although she has admitted she still wears her four denim staples.

Gwyneth Paltrow changed

Gwyneth Paltrow refuses to let her fashion standards slip when she's living in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old actress splits her time between her properties in LA and London and although women dress far more casually in the American city Gwyneth always adheres to the smart attire she has got used to wearing in the UK capital.

Speaking to Red magazine about LA style, the blonde screen beauty said: "You know, it's so funny. I remember coming and looking at schools and seeing mums in their Lululemon exercise pants and Uggs going out to lunch. And I remember making a promise to myself that if I move to LA, I will get dressed every single day. I dress the same as when I'm in London."

The Goop founder and food writer has revealed she "loves" denim and has four items from fashion brands Frame Denim, 3 x 1, MOTHER and MiH clothing, which are her wardrobe staples.

She explained: "These are kind of my four favourites, I love denim, I'm a denim girl".

Speaking about the jeans she buys from the American family-run department store Hirshleifers, she said: "They've had it in the family for 100 years and they sell Saint Laurent and Chanel and cool, young, different brands. It's just, you'd love it."

Meanwhile, Gwyneth is set to extend her health conscious empire with an eco-friendly fashion range, which will launch in September this year.

Speaking previously, the Oscar winner - who has two children, Apple, 11, and Moses, 10, with ex-husband Chris Martin - said: "I've been working on apparel - apparel is next. In September, we're going to launch apparel, and it's very exciting."

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