Gwyneth Paltrow recommends detox

Gwyneth Paltrow has advised her fans to embark on a detox programme to "give guts a break" after overindulging during the festive season.

Gwyneth Paltrow recommends detox

Gwyneth Paltrow has advised her fans to embark on a detox programme.

The 'Iron Man 3' actress thinks the end of the festive season marks the perfect time to "give guts a break" and "clean up the menu".

She wrote in her Goop newsletter: "It's that moment when we vow to put our elastic waist-banded pants in the back of the closet and kick-start some healthier patterns in the kitchen.

"As always, the goal with the annual goop detox is to not try to pull off a week of starvation: It's to simply clean up the menu and eat as well as possible (more on that below), as a means for re-setting the palette (bye-bye shrimp toast and cheese plates), giving our guts a break, and stripping off a few extra pounds we just might have picked up at the end of the year."

The Goop post goes on to share a meal plan and recipes, as well as other tips.

She also wrote: "While exercise is important, you might need to take it down a notch while you're on a detox diet (then again, you might not). Yoga and walking are great options for something less-intense.

"But getting a great sweat is key for detoxification, so if you can get to an infrared sauna, you'll be helping your system get the toxins out faster."

And one other way to kick off a detox is with a special Detox massage.

The specialist treatment uses specially-designed oils to aid liver function, boost circulation and balance hormones, as well as reducing inflammation and eliminating toxins, providing the perfect pick-me-up following a party-heavy festive season.

Urban Massage, a company which provides at-home massage services in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry, Glasgow and Edinburgh, offer the massage and the benefits are almost instantaneous.

Geoffrey Owden, lead therapist at Urban Massage, said: "We all overindulge at Christmas, eating a lot of rich food and drinking at parties so it's not surprising many people want to banish that sluggish feeling when they hit January.

"Massage is a great way to boost your body at the start of 2016 and our new Detox Massage can really help get your body back on track, to aid weight loss and to rid your body of a build up of bad toxins.

"And the Urban Massage service means you can get all this in the comfort of your own home.

"The Detox Massage encourages blood circulation that will increase white cell production, which helps boost the immune system - great news in the winter months. After just one massage, energy levels will be boosted and general appearance will improve."

Urban Massage's Detox Massage costs between £45 and £95 and can be booked just 60 minutes before you want the therapist to visit your home.

It is available to book through, via the Urban Massage app - available to download free from the app store iOS app store and Google Play store - or by calling 0800 802 1522.

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