Gwyneth Paltrow reveals butt workout

Gwyneth Paltrow does 12 hours' worth of exercises just for her butt each week in order to keep it in peak condition.

Gwyneth Paltrow reveals butt workout

Gwyneth Paltrow spends 12 hours per week doing exercises to keep her butt looking perfect.

The 43-year-old actress - who has her own lifestyle site GOOP - undertakes a gruelling two-hour exercise regime six days a week, areas, devised by personal trainer Tracy Anderson, which is focused on her derrière.

Gwyneth claims the regime - which she intensifies by adding extra weights to her ankles for extra definition - has left her with a behind that is comparable to a "22-year-old stripper".

She said: "With my method I go after restructuring your muscles so that they are designed to not only be strong but combat problem areas ... It's really hard. But do it like she [Tracy] says to do it and I swear that in ten days you will see your butt change shape.

"I do it with one pound ankle weights and then I do her Dance Aerobics DVD. Some days I hate it, some days I love it, but above all, I stick with it.

"With this leg and butt series it is very important to do all of the reps and moves on one side then go to the other leg. I lay out my sequences to accomplish visible results.

"I exhaust the large muscle groups and then call on the accessory muscles to become active and alert. This works wonders with skin tone and structure."

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