Heidi Klum keeps her shoes for her children

Heidi Klum has admitted she hoards her vast shoe collection for her children to inherit - if they can fit in to them.

Heidi Klum keeps her shoes for her children

Heidi Klum hoards her clothes for her children to inherit.

The 42-year-old supermodel - who landed her first modelling contract after winning the 'Model 92' contest in 1992 in Germany - has admitted she keeps all her old footwear, still in their boxes, for her two daughters, Leni, 11, and Lou, six, to wear when they are older - but only if they can grow into them.

Speaking to Vogue magazine, the blonde beauty said: "Well, I'm a hoarder, but I have two girls so I feel like I have an excuse. I have all my shoes in boxes, all photographed on the front, so I'm a hoarder but I'm an organised hoarder.

"I wear a size 41 so my girls are hoping for big feet. They'll say, 'Oh but your feet are big mum,' but I tell them, 'Who knows, let's see what's gonna happen.'"

However, the 'America's Got Talent' judge - who also has sons Henry, 10, and Johan, nine, with ex-husband Seal - has admitted that if her children can't inherit her fashionable footwear heirlooms, there are other luxury garments at their disposal.

She explained: "There's sunglasses and belts and bags and dresses, so the shoes aren't the end of the story. There's a lot to choose from."

Despite, the entrepreneur's hope her children will wear her shoes, she does not want them to actually follow in her footsteps - although one wants to take over her "empire".

She previously said: "I'm not pushing my kids in any direction. They should right now first of all be children, and learn everything that they have to learn in school.

"But for the first time, my daughter maybe like two months ago, she said, 'Mumma what do I have to do to take over your empire?' I was like, that's the cutest thing. I was like, 'Well, you go to school first and let's get good grades first', but I thought that was funny and she was like, 'Maybe I should do modelling or designing things.'"

Meanwhile, Heidi - who has launched the lingerie brand, Heidi Klum Intimates - will expand on the collection later this year with an additional swimwear range.

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