Heidi Klum's daughter plans to take over fashion empire

Heidi Klum has revealed one of her daughters is keen on following in her footsteps and taking over her fashion empire one day.

Heidi Klum's daughter plans to take over fashion empire

Heidi Klum's daughter wants to take over her fashion empire.

The 42-year-old model - who has daughters, Helene, 11 and Lou, six, and sons, Henry, 10 and Johan, nine - has revealed one of her young girls is interested in continuing her mother's success in the fashion industry.

When asked if she'd be happy if her children decided to follow in her footsteps, she told The Today Show: "I wouldn't necessarily love it myself, I'm not pushing my kids in any direction. They should right now first of all be children, and learn everything that they have to learn in school.

"But for the first time, my daughter maybe like two months ago, she said, 'Mumma what do I have to do to take over your empire?' I was like, that's the cutest thing. I was like, 'Well, you go to school first and let's get good grades first', but I thought that was funny and she was like, 'Maybe I should do modelling or designing things.'"

However, it may be a while until Heidi's daughter takes over as she previously revealed she would not be fine "as a person" if she had to stop working.

She said: "Honestly, if I would stop working tomorrow, I would be fine. But I would not be fine as a person because I'm like the creative process. And I am definitely driven."

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