Heidi Klum's naked confidence

Supermodel Heidi Klum has admitted she's always had loads of confidence when it comes to stripping off for a photoshoot because she's proud of her body.

Heidi Klum's naked confidence

Heidi Klum has never had a problem taking her clothes off.

The 42-year-old supermodel has always had heaps of confidence when it comes to stripping down and flashing the flesh for the cameras because she's proud of her physique.

She explained: "I've never had problems taking my clothes off, or in terms of my body image."

Although it wasn't always easy for the blonde beauty, who was born in Germany, as she was slapped with continuous rejection when she tried to make it as a model in America.

She added: "I came to America from Germany in the '90s with big boobs and a big smile - that wasn't what was in at the time. I struggled, but I was never depressed. I thought, 'If they want me, they want me, if they don't they don't.' "

And, although she has always been confident in her ability, the former Sports Illustrated model has admitted she does lack front when she needs to speak in public.

She told Galore magazine: "When I have to speak in front of people, I'll choke up, get anxious, have spit in my mouth- I just have to know that that's where my work will be."

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