Heidi Klum's skimpy underwear

Heidi Klum prefers to wear underwear that shows off plenty of skin because she thinks it's sexier but she's gone off the idea of push-up bras.

Heidi Klum's skimpy underwear

Heidi Klum doesn't like underwear that gives "too much coverage."

The 42-year-old model, who has just released her new collection for her brand Heidi Klum Intimates, prefers for her bra and knickers to flash plenty of flesh because it's sexier.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, she said: "I think more skin is better - I don't like too much coverage."

But the blonde beauty doesn't think push-up bras are in "fashion" anymore and she prefers the more "natural" look.

She explained: "In 2016 I think the more natural shape is more in fashion, than having the boobs so hoisted [up]. I think we are seeing more of a natural shape now."

Meanwhile, with a successful modelling career under her belt and various fashion ventures, Heidi has admitted her daughters Helene, 11 and Lou, six, are keen to follow in her footsteps, although she's not particularly keen on the idea.

She said: "I wouldn't necessarily love it myself, I'm not pushing my kids in any direction. They should right now first of all be children, and learn everything that they have to learn in school.

"But for the first time, my daughter maybe like two months ago, she said, 'Mumma what do I have to do to take over your empire?' I was like,' 'That's the cutest thing.'

"I was like, 'Well, you go to school first and let's get good grades first', but I thought that was funny and she was like, 'Maybe I should do modelling or designing things.' "

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