Irina Shayk too lazy for make-up

Irina Shayk mainly only wears lipstick when she isn't working because she is "too lazy" to take off her make-up.

Irina Shayk too lazy for make-up

Irina Shayk doesn't wear make-up at home because she's "too lazy".

The 29-year-old model admitted it takes so long to put on and take off make-up that she rarely bothers doing it at all and instead just conceals any signs of tiredness and glams up with some lipstick.

She explained: "I rarely wear make-up in my 'normal' life - especially mascara, I'm too lazy to take it off at night. I'll just put cover up under my eyes and a swipe of dark red lipstick. I like Givenchy's Le Rouge Lipsticks."

The Russian-born star - who is currently dating 'Burnt' actor Bradley Cooper - insists she's not as glamorous in her day-to-day life as she is while working as a model, and admitted her workout gear is her wardrobe essential.

Asked about the item of clothing she couldn't live without, she said: "Replay's Hyperskin denim yoga pants look like regular jeans, but they're designed for working out, so they're made from this incredibly comfortable, stretchy fabric - they're like a second skin. They're great to wear when I'm travelling, too."

And although she doesn't always dress up, she admires people who do and named Naomi Campbell as her style crush.

She said: "Every time I see her she is on point. I admire how glamorous she is - even if she's wearing jeans and sneakers, she'll go all out with accessories and jewellery."

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