Jamie Stevens' new hair range

Celebrity hairdresser Jamie Stevens has launched his own line of products titled MR. aimed at reducing and disguising hair loss.

Jamie Stevens' new hair range

Jamie Stevens has launched a range of products titled MR.

The celebrity hairdresser and winner of British Men's Hairdresser of The Year - who has styled the locks of 'X Factor' host Olly Murs and Hollywood actors Colin Farrell and Hugh Grant - has made a hair-care range to target hair loss.

Jamie explained: "Hair loss is a big concern and causes real fear and anxiety for a lot of men, whether they care to admit it or not. I wanted to create high performance products that combine effective treatment with the best ingredients to deliver real, tangible results."

And Jamie has revealed insider tips - including using MR. Men Disguise Spray, Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner and Style clay that will take attention away from balding hair.

He advised: "As a rule in hairdressing, the shorter the hair is, the thicker it looks. Men who are thinning should opt for shorter styles. Also, many people don't realise that the hair below the recession areas isn't designed to ever thin or fall out, only the hair above this will, so the key is to always keep what we call the donor area shorter and thinned out more than the top, as doing this is always puts more emphasis on making the top look thicker."

MR. is available from 350 Boots stores and online and retails from £10.

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