Jane Lynch is 'sick' of tracksuits

Jane Lynch admits she is now "sick" of wearing tracksuits as she had to wear them all the time when she starred as cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester in 'Glee'.

Jane Lynch is 'sick' of tracksuits

Jane Lynch is "sick" of tracksuits.

The 55-year-old actress tended to wear the same outfit whilst starring as cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester in 'Glee' and doesn't miss them but admits she loved that they would always fit her and make her look good.

When asked if she missed the tracksuits, she said: "Not really - I got kind of sick of them. But the great thing was that I knew they would fit, I knew they'd look good and there were no mysteries about what I was going to wear."

And similarly in her new TV show, 'Angel from Hell', Jane is also wearing just one type of outfit, which she herself put together.

She told o.canada.com: "I have one outfit, which is kind of nice. I put it together with our wardrobe designer - it's this army jacket that has the sleeves cut off and a T-shirt and my own pyjama bottoms."

Meanwhile, Jane previously revealed wearing the comfy garment was her favourite thing about working on set.

She said: "It's like getting into you pyjamas (wearing the tracksuits). I now probably have 30 tracksuits. The wardrobe designer likes to get a new batch every seven or eight episodes and she's crazy with the colours. I have a fuchsia one, a lime green one, they're fabulous."

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