January Jones: Acting ruined my 'healthy' hair

January Jones' "healthy" hair was ruined when she began working as an actress, especially on 'American Wedding' because her hair was dyed various shades of red.

January Jones: Acting ruined my 'healthy' hair

January Jones' acting career has ruined her "healthy" hair.

The 38-year-old 'Mad Men' star has admitted her role as Cadence Flaherty in the comedy movie 'American Wedding', which saw the styling team dye her blonde tresses various shades of red before deciding to use a wig, destroyed her golden locks.

Speaking to Into The Gloss website about the hair damage, she said: "My hair used to be really healthy, until I started working as an actress. I did 'American Wedding' a long time ago, and they put my hair through so many different shades of red before they finally decided to use a wig."

The actress would lather her tresses in conditioner underneath the false hair piece in an attempt to rescue her hair.

She explained: "So I wore this wig, but underneath I wore the Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense every day. At the end of the day I'd wash it out, and by the time the movie wrapped, my hair was so healthy again."

Meanwhile, January has revealed she prefers DIY pampering sessions rather than going to salons for professional treatments, and regularly treats herself to a 20 minute relaxing bath and facial to cleanse her pores.

She said: "I always love taking moments for myself--I like to take 20 minutes to lay in the bath, with a mask in my hair and a mask on my face. I think I started really caring about my skin when I was modelling, just because we have to wear so much make-up.

"I don't get facials professionally done, either--I like to do them at home. I find something very calming and therapeutic about treatments at home."

January is currently the new face of the hair care brand, Kérastase Nutritive, which has been recognized as the leading dry-hair expert since 1979, and is set to grace campaigns in June.

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