Jenna Coleman dressed Absolutely Fabulously as a kid

Jenna Coleman's earliest memory of fashion was spending hours in her grandmother's wardrobe pretending she was Patsy from 'Absolutely Fabulous'.

Jenna Coleman dressed Absolutely Fabulously as a kid

Jenna Coleman used to dress up in her grandmother's clothes and pretend she was Patsy from 'Absolutely Fabulous'.

The 'Doctor Who' actress' earliest fashion memory is of her going into her nan's wardrobe and donning her dresses and beads and

then act like she was Joanna Lumley's chain-smoking and champagne swilling character from the BBC sitcom - created by Jennifer Saunders.

She explained: "I was always in my grandma's wardrobe when I was little, playing 'Absolutely Fabulous' with her dresses and beads. My grandma is very glamorous.

Asked who she played, she added: "I was Patsy."

The brunette beauty also admitted she made some "terrible errors" with her outfits as an adolescent, particularly trying to pull off Sienna Miller's boho look.

She told Stylist magazine: "There were some terrible errors when I was a teenager. Remember when Sienna Miller wore a lot of boho stuff? I tried that look. I bought a long mustard-yellow hippy skirt with layers upon layers from All Saints. On Sienna Miller it looked amazing but when you're short you just look like a trifle."

The 29-year-old star described her style now she is an adult as both "feminine" and "grungy".

Asked if she has a fashion identity, she added: "I love things that are feminine and romantic, but also a bit grungy and rough around the edges.

"But I've been filming since January - you spend most of your day in other people's clothes and then get a bit lazy. It's only when I get time off that I start to be like: 'What do I like?' "

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