Jennifer Lawrence inspires people to get fit

'The Hunger Games' star Jennifer Lawrence has inspired people to get fit with her lean physique and fighting skills, says fitness guru Faya Nillson.

Jennifer Lawrence inspires people to get fit

Jennifer Lawrence is "leading the way" with her martial arts-inspired fitness.

The 25-year-old actress starred as teenage heroine Katniss Everdeen in all four of 'The Hunger Games' movies and learned how to shoot arrows as well as how to fight in one-to-one combat.

According to fitness blogger Faya Nillson, the Hollywood starlet's lean physique and newly attained skills are motivating people to get active and look as good as her.

Faya commented: "Jennifer Lawrence has got some serious energy and the fact she's got great martial arts skills that she honed in 'The Hunger Games', she is the one star that is leading the way in fitness and I would love to work with her."

But unlike Jennifer, regular jobs don't always require you to possess skills in mortal combat and it can be an unwelcome chore having to fit exercise in around the working day.

Which is why Faya - who is the creator of 'Fitness on Toast' - has teamed up with Plantronics to create an exclusive series of desk based exercises for office workers.

The simple workouts, which can be done using a wireless headset, include tricep dips using an office chair, incline press ups using a desk and squats using water bottles.

Speaking about the series of Youtube videos on Faya's 'Fitness on Toast' page, she told BANG Showbiz: "Our mentality is that we want a quick fix. But going back to Plantronics, that's why I really recommend this approach because it's saying do a little, throughout the day. Just get up every hour, do a bit of exercise at your desk. You might feel silly doing it, but why should you? You're doing your body so much good by just getting up and moving around."

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