Jesinta Campbell gained body confidence from fiancé

Australian model Jesinta Campbell has revealed her fiancé Lance 'Buddy' Franklin has allowed her to feel happy and confident with her figure, especially when she's naked.

Jesinta Campbell gained body confidence from fiancé

Jesinta Campbell's fiancé Lance 'Buddy' Franklin has given her body confidence.

The Australian model has been in a relationship with the Sydney Swans Australian rules football player since late 2013 and she admits she hated to be naked and fretted about her figure until she began her relationship with the sportsman, despite coming third in the 2010 Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Speaking to the new issue of Australian Women's Health magazine, she said: "I feel so confident naked, which is funny - I never felt like that until I was with my fiancé. Maybe it's because when somebody loves you so much, it's easier to love yourself. You shouldn't rely on someone else's love to determine your love for yourself, but I think as you get older, the more comfortable you get in your body and skin. "You realise your body is actually an incredible thing. One day, I'll have a baby and this (body) will create a human. Once you appreciate that, then you become more accepting and respectful of yourself."

The 24-year-old star - who underwent a breast enlargement operation to increase her cup size to a 12B - has a stunning figure and readily admits she works very hard in the gym to look like she does and also monitors what she eats.

She shared: "There really is no secret, you've just got to work hard," she said. Fitness is a whole package. All the little pieces of the puzzle have to come together. For me, it's about moving your body and being fit and active, eating the right foods, drinking the right things and relaxation as well, it's that balancing act. It's really individualised as well, so what works for me might not work for someone else."

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