Jessica Simpson: I'm relatable

Singer and entrepreneur Jessica Simpson says the secret to her success is her 'relatable' character and putting the customer first.

Jessica Simpson: I'm relatable

Jessica Simpson's fashion empire is a success because she is a "relatable person".

The 35-year-old entrepreneur credits her Texas upbringing as well as her friends and family for the success of her beauty and clothing business which is reportedly worth $1 billion worldwide.

She said: "I'm always a Southern girl at heart. My friends and family are my everything. They influence all that I do. I feel like I'm a relatable person. I'm completely open and honest with everyone. Whether that's too much openness or honesty, it makes me non-judgmental. I'm one of those girls you would hopefully want to hang out with. When you have a lot of judgment in the world of design, it keeps you from being as creative as you can be ... I'm a risk-taker."

However the mother-of-two - who's brand The Jessica Simpson Collection recently branched out into sportswear - acknowledged that being a celebrity in fashion can divide people.

She told WWD: "Everyone connected with the brand is passionate about how we can connect with the consumer, who may not [necessarily] be a fan of me, but a fan of clothing. They are sticking with me because they can always get what they want.

"It is important to create a clear brand identity. You really need to know yourself as a person throughout life as [you] evolve. It's important that you do your own homework, that you know who you are and what you want your brand to be."

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