Jessica Wright's 2 minute make-up

The 'Only Way Is Essex' star Jessica Wright has revealed she can do her make-up in just "two minutes".

Jessica Wright's 2 minute make-up

Jessica Wright can do her make-up in "two minutes".

The 'Only Way Is Essex' star has admitted it "used to take ages" to perfect her look but she insists she has speeded up since choosing to follow a more slick and casual style.

She said: "On a normal day I can get ready in 15 minutes. I used to take ages but I think I'm so used to doing it and do it so often I take hardly any time at all.

"When getting ready for a night out I do take slightly longer. If I had to do it in a rush it would probably take half an hour. It's all about the outfit for me, that's what takes me the longest to decide on. My hair and make-up I can do in two minutes."

Despite her love for fashion, Jessica admits she regrets "millions" of her past outfits.

She told Femail: "They are probably from the early days when I didn't know about strip lashes or contouring and hadn't learnt the best make-up looks for me or how to apply things in the best way.

"In terms of outfits, where do I even begin! There have definitely been a few where I've thought, 'What was I thinking?' I personally think my look has changed a lot. I've ditched the bandage dresses and the orange face, well hopefully people think I have anyway!"

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