Jourdan Dunn wants 'girls of colour' in fashion

Jourdan Dunn wants to see people of every race involved in the fashion industry.

Jourdan Dunn wants 'girls of colour' in fashion

Jourdan Dunn wants to see more "girls of colour" in fashion.

The 25-year-old supermodel - who walked her first runway show nine years ago - is thrilled the nitty-gritty industry is starting to accept women of every race but still thinks there is a little way to go before it becomes the "norm."

Speaking in the April issue of ELLE magazine, she said: "There are definitely a lot more girls of colour being represented. But I also feel like we're 100 per cent still not there. I want to see us get to a place where seeing a black girl, anywhere, is not such a big deal. Why can't it just be the norm to see black models in campaigns and on covers and runways? It's still too much of a big thing when this happens."

Jourdan also revealed she always looked up to her friend Karlie Kloss, 23, when she broke out into the modelling world as she admired how she built relationships and made her mark.

Jourdan - who has walked with Karlie in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - explained: "Karlie is such a professional. I used to always admire how she is about building her relationships, and looking at her career as a business and going the extra mile. She would stay up until midnight making her Karlie's Kookies and sending them out, giving them to people on set. I used to see that and be like, 'Why are you doing that?' But now I understand."

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