Judd Apatow delves into Leslie Mann's beauty box

'Trainwreck' director Judd Apatow isn't afraid to use his wife Leslie Mann's beauty products to stay looking good.

Judd Apatow delves into Leslie Mann's beauty box

Judd Apatow isn't afraid to use his wife's beauty products.

The 'Trainwreck' director is married to the ''This is 40' actress Leslie Mann and she revealed he accidentally dyed his hair blue after he pilfered her favourite beauty products.

Leslie confessed: "He knows my whole routine by now. Though once, he began using my purple-tinted shampoo not knowing it's meant for blondes, and it turned his hair this weird color. He didn't understand what was happening."

Despite Judd's interest in her products, it's the couple's daughters Maude, 16, and Iris, 13, that Leslie calls "beautiful".

She said: "(I tell them) that they're beautiful the way they are. It's hard with girls today because of social media everybody looks so flawless on Instagram, it messes with girls' heads. It's nice when people look real but that doesn't happen often."

Meanwhile, the busy mother-of-two - who will be seen son screens next year in 'How to Be Single' - chooses a good night's sleep over exercise.

She told PEOPLE: "Oh, I'm so inconsistent about exercise. I have periods where I'll work out four times a week, then I'll quit for months. I probably lean more toward those down periods ... You read about actors who wake up at 4am so they can get in a workout - that's definitely not me. I'd much rather sleep."

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