Kanye West dislikes suit jackets

Kanye West "strongly dislikes" suit jackets and claims his Pablo pop-up shop made sales of $1 million in just two days.

Kanye West dislikes suit jackets

Kanye West "strongly dislikes" suit jackets.

The 38-year-old rapper-and-designer doesn't want to say he "hates" the garments, but admitted he isn't a fan during an epic rant about truth and power.

He halted his Tweets to add: "On another note, I strongly dislike suit jackets. I used the word dislike because I hate the word hate."

Kanye didn't explain why suit jackets offend him so much, but he did find the time to boast about the success of his Pablo pop-up shop - which sparked huge queues when it opened in New York last weekend - claiming it has sold $1 million of merchandise in just two days.

He wrote: "They called me crazy and pointed fingers but there is no other brand that could sell 1 million dollars of clothing in 2 days from 1 location!!!

"This is the people the culture the dreams the future.

"I promise I will never let the people down. I want a better life for all!! Pablo Pablo Pablo Pablo (sic)."

The 'Bound 2' star recently boasted his Yeezy sneaker collection had proved so popular, Adidas were planning to build more factories to cope with demand.

He posted: "Really happy to get the quality of the products better at half the prices of last year...@Adidas is making a million Yeezys this year, opening up new factories... (sic)"

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