Karlie Kloss uses a teaspoon to curl her eyelashes

Karlie Kloss uses a teaspoon to curl her eyelashes and to reduce the puffiness of her "eye bags".

Karlie Kloss uses a teaspoon to curl her eyelashes

Karlie Kloss uses a teaspoon to curl her eyelashes.

The 23-year-old model - who made her fashion breakthrough at 14 years old when she graced the cover of Scene Magazine - has revealed the kitchen utensil does a "real good job" at creating the perfect curl to her lashes.

Speaking to Stylist magazine about her beauty secret, the Chicago-born star said: "Teaspoons do a real good job at curling your eyelashes. All you have to do is lay the spoon down above the upper lash line and then pinch and lightly pull your lashes against it."

However, the cutlery also doubles up as a "de-puffing" eye treatment to reduce the redness of Karlie's tired eyes.

She explained: "Teaspoons are also great at de-puffing eyes - I put them in the freezer and then lay them over my eyes when I've not had enough sleep. They really get rid of any eye bags".

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty - who is currently dating Joshua Kushner - has admitted having a hair stylist work on her golden tresses has brought her daring side when trialling new products and styles.

She explained: "I think having my hair professionally styled for work every day has made me braver when it comes to trying hair products."

However, Karlie - who has been the spokeswoman for L'Oreal Paris for two years - struggles to style her hair because it is naturally fine and straight, and she is constantly seeking ways to add texture.

She said: "I'm one of four sisters, and they all have lovely wavy or curly hair, but mine is fine and straight. I'm always looking for ways to add texture but I haven't found anything that works as well as plaiting hair wet and sleeping in it. I wake up with a nice and wavy texture."

Karlie is currently the new face of the luxury jewellery brand Swarovski.

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