Karlie Kloss wants to model for 'long time'

Karlie Kloss is keen to have a career in modelling for a "long time" but hopes she'll also have multiple business ventures under her belt as well.

Karlie Kloss wants to model for 'long time'

Karlie Kloss wants to model for a "very long time."

The 23-year-old beauty may be hoping to establish a business empire by undertaking a degree at New York University but she's keen to work hard to ensure her career as a Victoria's Secret angel will continue to blossom as well.

Speaking to WSJ magazine, she said: "I want to be doing my day job for a very long time. But I also want to grow businesses and make a meaningful impact."

However, the catwalk star recently admitted making a name for herself in the fashion industry isn't something she had planned on as she was so focused on becoming a dancer.

She explained: "I didn't grow up wanting to be a model. I didn't think about fashion at all.

"That was all I wanted to be, a dancer. But, I just kept growing up and up and up! I lived in tights and a bun."

And it wasn't until two years ago that Karlie decided to try her hand at something more academic.

She added: "I'm a 23-year-old model and I want to think less about my looks and more about my future, and that involves my brain. I want to run companies, have a business future.

"Call me a nerd, but I love coding, the language of computers. Understanding coding is a superpower. I met some tech entrepreneurs and they are billionaires through learning this stuff. I'm so competitive with myself and I am fascinated by the language of technology so I decided to be part of the conversation ... I think it's sexy to learn this stuff; it enables and it empowers both sexes."

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