Kate Winslet: Red carpet makeovers are a real treat

Kate Winslet enjoys attending showbiz events because they provide her with a rare opportunity to dress glamorously and be pampered.

Kate Winslet: Red carpet makeovers are a real treat

Kate Winslet says her red carpet makeovers are a "real treat".

After working in Hollywood for many tears, the 'Dressmaker' actress still enjoys attending premieres and awards shows because they are the rare occasions when gets to be pampered and dress glamorously.

Speaking to The Lady magazine, she said: "It's nice to feel pulled together in the moments when I need to be, like on a red carpet and I really enjoy those moments because I don't sit at home getting manicures and massages and having people cook for me.

"So actually I do still find those occasions really quite glamorous and exciting and a real treat."

The 40-year-old star - who has children Mia, 15, and Joe, 11, from her past marriages and 23-month-old son Bear with her spouse Ned Rocknroll - also enjoys giving interviews on the red carpet because the experience is so different to her home life.

She said: "It's a real treat. You know what it's like when you find yourself going, 'Oh wow, I'm sitting down.' I never sit down, this is a moment, you know?"

The 'Steve Jobs' actress is thankful she has such a supportive husband in Ned because he means she doesn't feel guilty when she has to leave home for work.

She said: "I have a wonderful, very present husband and that really makes a huge difference, because then I Don't have to feel guilt if I'm in London for a whole day - he's there."

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