Kate Winslet's two-hour make-up prep

It took Kate Winslet's make-up artist two hours to achieve her "flawless but natural" Golden Globes look.

Kate Winslet's two-hour make-up prep

Kate Winslet's Golden Globe make-up took two hours.

The 40-year-old actress picked up the Best Supporting Actress gong for her role in 'Jobs' at the awards ceremony in Los Angeles on Sunday (10.01.16) and her make-up artist Lisa Eldridge revealed Kate's "flawless but natural" look was completed in two hours.

She wrote on her blog: "I got to Kate's hotel room in Beverly Hills early afternoon to start on her makeup. Kate had whatsapp'ed me a video of her in the uh-ma-zing royal blue Ralph Lauren gown she was planning to wear a few days before and we'd talked a little bit about the plan for her makeup. Kate wanted dewy skin and something quite fresh. I agreed that she would look great with shimmering defined eyes, a fresh pink lip and a glowy, flawless skin. Kate always looks so effortlessly beautiful in this kind of polished makeup.

"All in all the prep took about two hours in total - but of course time absolutely flew by.

"I thought that Kate looked completely phenomenal. Her stylist, Cheryl, told me that she and Kate had fallen in love with the dress initially for the stunning colour and, once Kate tried it on, they knew that the super-chic shape worked amazingly on her. The epitome of streamlined elegance!"

Meanwhile, modest Kate was so convinced she would lose out on the award that she booked a massage for after the ceremony.

She said in her acceptance speech: "I have this recurring neck problem, as I was about to leave the hotel to the carpet, I realised it's been hurting all day.

"I went and booked a massage for 9pm, which I think I'll need to cancel.'

"I really am so shocked right now. So shocked! I'm never ever going to get used to it. I'm standing here, thinking really this is not happening. I honestly, truthfully did not expect this at all."

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