Katy Perry has laser surgery to stay looking young

Katy Perry has revealed she has laser surgery and peels to keep her skin looking youthful and fresh.

Katy Perry has laser surgery to stay looking young

Katy Perry has regular laser surgery to keep her skin looking fresh.

The 'Roar' hitmaker has admitted she is an advocate of the beauty treatment which keeps her face looking taught and youthful and also has peels but she doesn't use any invasive cosmetic treatments to look youthful.

Speaking to Teen Vogue magazine, she said: "There isn't a huge regime that I do. I do stuff like lasers and very slight peels. Not anything heavy. For my age, I don't need anything more than lasers. I think technology is so great; you do one every three, four, six months. Don't necessarily need to put the holes in the skin yet and pull it back like Marlene Dietrich wove her skin back."

Katy, 31, believes the best way to stay looking young is to make sure you drink plenty of water and get as much rest as you can - although she accepts it is hard to maintain a regular sleep pattern when your job is to be a pop star.

She added: "It's hard because New York is all about nightlife and lack of self-control! So, I try and put myself to bed with a Sleepytime Tea. But it doesn't start until later, so it's not a morning thing. I'm not great with mornings ... I do some of those LED lights which are probably a crock of crap, but I do them anyway. I would say, obviously drinking water and doing a regimen. I never go to sleep with makeup on - very rarely. I used to keep my makeup on, because I didn't want to pull back that curtain if I was having a friend over. Or, I'd get up an hour earlier and be like, yeah ... No, I don't wake up like that. I look like a potato, somewhat. I love dabbling with makeup. I always like highlighting whatever you do have."

Katy has just launched her Katy Kat Collection for CoverGirl

The makeup range includes 13 demi-matte lipsticks, and longwear mascaras in both waterproof and regular formulas, as well as CoverGirl's debut electric blue mascara, which push "the envelope" of the company.

The pop superstar - who is dating Orlando Bloom - has been the face of the beauty brand since 2013 and is thrilled to have finally been given the opportunity to create her own cosmetic products which represent her fun-loving and quirky personality.

Katy - who walked the Met Gala in New York City on Monday night (02.05.16) - said: "I obviously wanted a variety of classic colours and colours that would fit all of the different skin tones, but for me, I always push the envelope and try for a unique look. I know CoverGirl has been around forever, and they're super classic, but, for instance, they never had a black lipstick, and I'm like, guys, it's 2016. Go online, go on Tumblr - everybody is wearing black lipstick! Or Cosmo Kitty. Which I think are the two real standout unique pieces ... I wanted to cover the classics, but also bring in my own spin, which is loud and bright and playful and definitely unique."

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