Katy Perry likes to 'smell edible'

Katy Perry has revealed she creates her perfumes based on the fact she likes to "smell edible".

Katy Perry likes to 'smell edible'

Katy Perry likes to "smell edible".

The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker has created a number of her own fragrances and has admitted she chooses what notes to include based on the fact she likes the smell of sweet treats.

Asked how new perfume Mad Potion differs from her last fragrance in new documentary 'Katy Perry: Making Of The Pepsi Super Bowl', she says: "Killer Queen was very royal, a bit feminist, rebellious and floral. Mad potion is my signature scene right now. It is a concoction of different exotic vanillas and musks. It's gourmet - with a little bit of a twist. The musk is androgynous to me. Stuff that isn't so on the nose appeals to me. It's sweeter perfume.

"I like to smell edible. Mad Potion is playful and the name is a reference to a mad hatter of sorts. It's a bit kooky and weird. I'm a sucker for themes so, when I figured out that this would be a potion bottle, the campaign surrounded me."

The 30-year-old beauty also revealed her tricks for keeping her skin glowing.

She said: "I never sleep with make-up on. Water and sleep help too!"

Katy added: "Also, blemishes can be treated with ice and eye drops. It takes the red out."

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