Katy Perry's cosy Christmas gift

"Robe aficionado" Katy Perry bought monogrammed bathrobes for her family and friends for Christmas.

Katy Perry's cosy Christmas gift

Katy Perry bought monogrammed robes for her family and friends for Christmas.

The 'Firework' singer is enjoying a relaxing festive season and decided to splash out on luxury bathrobes for the loved ones in her life.

She wrote on Instagram: "As a robe aficionado (for proof, see every BTS photo or video ever captured of me on tour), I decided to extend my obsession for a constant state of coziness to my friends & family this Christmas by gifting them their own monogrammed one. I wanna give a shout out annnnnnd I guess share my adult blanket with everyone this winter. If you see me in the grocery store just wearing this, know that I'm happy AF (sic)."

Speaking previously about her love of robes, Katy admitted: "Honestly, half of the time I'm walking around looking like [Jeff Bridges in] 'The Big Lebowski'."

Recently, Katy collaborated with Beloved Shirts to design a range of Christmas-themed onesies.

The four designs include a gingerbread man and woman, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, a snowman, and a Christmas tree with lights and pizza ornaments.

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