Kelly Osbourne upsets designers

Kelly Osbourne often upsets designers by cutting up two dresses to make a whole new red carpet gown.

Kelly Osbourne "upsets" designers by cutting up their dresses.

The former 'Fashion Police' star loves to make her own red carpet gowns by sewing two separate dresses together, much to the horror of their creators.

She explained: "What I like to do, sometimes I'll take two completely different couture dresses and cut them in half and sew them together again. But then the designers get upset."

Kelly has been sporting lavender hair for some time and has no plans to change her locks in the near future because the hue makes her "feel good".

She told People magazine: "I would never say never because that's stupid, but I don't think it's a very wise move for me because it makes me feel good.

"If I put a blonde wig on, I feel like it's just not me."

While the 30-year-old star doesn't want to change her hair colour, she enjoys experimenting with the style.

She added: "I love playing with my hair. It's something I've always done.

"Cutting it, shaving it, growing it, dyeing it, because it will always grow back, and I'm really, really lucky to have the opportunity to work with such great hair stylists."

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