Kelsea Ballerini would never copy Taylor Swift's beauty style

Kelsea Ballerini wouldn't copy her pal Taylor Swifts style in fear she would look "weird", and opts to listen to her mother's advice instead.

Kelsea Ballerini would never copy Taylor Swift's beauty style

Kelsea Ballerini would never copy Taylor Swift's beauty style.

The 22-year-old American country singer songwriter, who is close friends with the 'Bad Blood' hitmaker, has admitted her style is not as daring as the 26-year-old's - who has recently opted for a platinum blonde crop - and Kelsea fears she would look "weird" if she emulated the same style.

Speaking to People about the 'Bad Blood' hitmaker's fashion sense, the blonde beauty said: "The last time we were together, [Taylor] got a really dark purple lipstick, and she's been rocking it everywhere.

"I think I'd look weird in it, but she pulls it off!"

However, Kelsea has revealed she has "always" followed her mother's beauty tips, and learnt at a young age to accentuate only one area of the face, whether it is wearing a bright lipstick, or a "big eye", but never both.

Speaking about the beauty advise, she said: "When I was younger and learning about make-up, my mum always told me, 'Kelsea, you either pick an eye or a lip; you either put on a coloured lip and nude eye, or a big eye and a nude lip. Don't do both!'

"So I always follow that."

Meanwhile, the 'Peter Pan' vocalist has confessed she enjoys doing her own hair and beauty when she is on tour because it calms her nerves prior to performing.

She explained: "For touring, I do [my own hair and make-up].

"It's just my time to be by myself or with my friends and just to chill out before a show. I designate an hour because I like to take my time, but it doesn't really take that long. I love it.

"I'm a girlie girl; I love the art of hair and make-up and I love that art of fashion. And I think make-up is just a fun way to make yourself feel confident. I really believe it's a way to enhance yourself and your true beauty -- your natural beauty -- and not cover it up."

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