Kendall Jenner had 'really bad skin'

Kylie Jenner has admitted her older sister Kendall had a terrible battle with "bad skin" when she was growing up.

Kendall Jenner had 'really bad skin'

Kendall Jenner had "really bad skin growing up."

The 20-year-old beauty may be one of the most in-demand models at the moment, but her sister Kylie, 18, has revealed she used to lack confidence when it came to her appearance because she had a terrible battle with acne for many years.

Speaking to Rodial's founder Maria Hatzistefanis, the reality TV star explained: "I never had bad skin but my sister had really bad skin growing up. And the only thing that really helped her was to find a good dermatologist."

Despite having reasonable skin as a youngster, Kylie believes the secret behind her flawless complexion is plenty of sunscreen and not touching your face too much.

She said: "[My top tips are] sunscreen, washing your face every night, not touching your face as much and moisturise."

Meanwhile, the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star may like to keep her skin as clean as possible but can't stop herself from experimenting with make-up and usually finds her new outrageous looks on social networking sites.

She said: "With new make-up looks, I'll probably just see stuff on Instagram. Like, people will tag me and stuff and I'll get good tips from that. But also I follow my make-up artists and my family's make-up artists so I see the looks they do on other people, that kind of inspires me."

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