Kenya Kinski Jones was 'honoured' to work with Stella McCartney

Kenya Kinski Jones was "honoured" to work with Stella McCartney and singer songwriter Grimes on the POP fragrance campaign earlier this year.

Kenya Kinski Jones was 'honoured#' to work with Stella McCartney

Kenya Kinski Jones was "honoured" to work with Stella McCartney.

The 23-year-old - who starred in the English fashion designer's POP fragrance campaign alongside singer songwriter Grimes - has admitted it was a "dream come true" to collaborate with the 44-year-old in March this year because she has admired the star her entire life.

Speaking to Miss Vogue, the blonde beauty said: "Working on the POP campaign was a dream come true. I've looked up to Stella for so long and everything that she has fought for and stood for. Working with Stella, Glen, Melina, and the girls was an honour. They're all incredibly talented. I had the best time shooting with them."

Kenya - who has previously modelled for Calvin Klein and House of Harlow 1960 - is looking forward to her future in the fashion industry because of the "newfound freedom and independence" it will give her.

She explained: "I really feel like I'm at the beginning of a new adventure at this point in my life. Having recently finished college. I feel like I can finally begin a new chapter that I've been anticipating for so long.

"There's a newfound freedom and independence. It's exciting to turn to a new page and know that there is more to learn and more to experience in a different way than before."

And Kenya - who is the daughter of music producer Quincy Jones who boasts a celebrity clientèle, which includes Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra - has revealed she looks to the late musician David Bowie and her mother for fashion inspiration.

Speaking about her style icons, she said: "David Bowie and my mom!"

However, the star believes fragrance has a huge part to play in creating your "signature" style.

She explained: "Scent is an extension of your style; it becomes your signature.

"So, individuality in a fragrance is something I really look for.

"I love the way POP does that by combining feminine and masculine notes."

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