Kylie Jenner does makeup herself

Kylie Jenner has admitted she does her makeup herself "every day" in just 20 minutes.

Kylie Jenner does makeup herself

Kylie Jenner does her makeup herself in just 20 minutes.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star, 18, may look done up to perfection every time she steps out in public but she has admitted her flawless complexion and perfect winged eye-liner is down to her skills and not a beauty artist.

The brunette beauty took to her website last night (23.11.15) to give fans an insight into how she gets the appearance of impeccable skin and a nice plump pout.

After applying her moisturiser in the clip, the reality TV star dished out some top tips on how she corrects her eyebrows after she has accidentally filled them in too much.

She explained while showing fans her technique: "If you ever colour it too dark, don't you fear, brush it through."

And that wasn't the only tip the gorgeous babe had up her sleeve as she also told her fans how to get mascara off eyeshadow after accidentally getting too heavy handed.

Kylie claimed the best thing to do to get the product off the lid is to let it dry and it'll eventually flake off.

And, although she previously admitted to getting Botox injections to give her a chunkier pout, Kylie also showed fans how to get temporarily larger mouth with her Lip Kit.

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