Kylie Jenner is a lip expert

Kylie Jenner "always" applies her own lipstick and lip liner as she knows how to accentuate her mouth better than anyone else.

Kylie Jenner is a lip expert

Kylie Jenner "always" applies her lipstick herself, according to makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.

The cosmetics expert has been entrusted to beautify the Kardashian/Jenner family for many years and is responsible for creating the face contouring craze, favoured by all five sisters.

Mario was thrilled to receive a gift of Kylie's new 22 lipstick and lip liner shade, which is part of her Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit by Kylie range, from the 18-year-old star.

Taking to Instagram to share a photo of his lip kit, he also shared a secret about Kylie - which is she doesn't think anyone can accentuate her lips better than she can.

He posted: "Thank you @kyliejenner@kyliecosmetics love this shade #22. I get so excited every time the doorman hands me the Kylie box. So inspiring.

"#FunFact : even when Kylie was like 12 and 13 I remember she would always apply lip product herself and always had the best colors. #kyliecosmetics (sic)"

Although Kylie likes to retain some control over her look, Mario can sometimes spend up to three hours beautifying her half-sibling Kim Kardashian West for red carpet events.

He previously shared: "Sometimes when I'm doing Kim's make-up, I've done it in as little as 10 minutes when flights have been delayed and so on. On the flipside, it's taken up to three hours! It just depends on the situation but there's definitely no perfect amount of time."

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