Kylie Jenner's favourite fragrance is Kim Kardashian West's perfume

Kylie Jenner has admitted her "favourite" scent is Kim Kardashian West's perfume, which she "always" gets complimented on.

Kylie Jenner's favourite fragrance is Kim Kardashian West's perfume

Kylie Jenner's "favourite" scent is her sister Kim Kardashian West's signature fragrance.

The 18-year-old 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star won't leave her Los Angeles home without a "spritz" of her 35-year-old half-sibling's fragrance, which she "always" gets complimented on, as well as a few brushes of Lancome mascara.

Speaking to InStyle magazine about her staple cosmetic products she cannot live without, she said: "A slick of Lancome mascara to thicken my lashes and a spritz of Kim's perfume (it's my favourite scent ever and I always get compliments on it) and I'm good to go."

However, Kylie has revealed she focuses heavily on her skincare and the products applied prior to donning a full face of make-up, which includes daily exfoliation and a primer.

She explained: "I'm obsessed with NIP+FAB Glycolic pads - they're super easy to use so I use them to exfoliate nearly every day, then I always use their Dragon's Blood Fix Serum as a primer before I put my makeup on. Make-up wise I like foundation that's really light but still has great coverage, Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation is perfect and NARS concealer is super good at covering my dark circles."

Kylie has also admitted she "always" wears sunscreen as a base coat rather than a tinted moisturiser to protect her skin from premature ageing.

Speaking previously, she said: "I always wear sunscreen and wash my face before I go to sleep, that's a rule that never changes."

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