Lady Gaga's stylist starts fashion label

Lady Gaga's stylist Brandon Maxwell has started his own label and will show his debut collection at New York Fashion Week in September.

Lady Gaga's stylist starts fashion label

Lady Gaga's stylist is launching a fashion collection.

Brandon Maxwell - the brains behind the iconic red Alaïa gloves which Gaga, 29, wore for her 'Sound of Music' performance at this year's Oscars - will unveil his debut ready-to-wear Spring line at New York Fashion Week in September, reports WWD.

The designer - who is also responsible for helping the notoriously outrageous fashionista channel a more demure look for her 'Cheek to Cheek' tour with Tony Bennet - insists the line will be "humble" and is keen for his designs to be "taken seriously".

He said: "It's important that it's humble and taken seriously. I want women to want to wear the clothes, and I want people to say it was well-made and well thought out."

The sartorialist added the collection was inspired by the "powerful women" in his life.

He said: "I'm so excited to be fulfilling a lifelong dream of design, making clothes inspired by all of the powerful women in my life - from the classic to the avant-garde."

Meanwhile, the 'Pokerface' hitmaker gushed over Brandon as she got ready for the Academy Awards in February this year.

She said: "Brandon is the first stylist I've worked with that truly viewed me as a beautiful woman. He's able to push himself and do extreme things at times, but also has moments when he wants the world to see me for me. My whole life has become a red carpet."

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