Laura Whitmore vows against plastic surgery

Laura Whitmore has said she'll never have plastic surgery, and would rather "reduce portion sizes" and do Bikram yoga to lose weight.

Laura Whitmore vows against plastic surgery

Laura Whitmore has insisted she'll never have plastic surgery.

The 30-year-old TV presenter said she'd rather "reduce portion sizes" and take part in Bikram yoga throughout the week in order to lose weight than go under the knife.

Laura said: "Personally, I don't think [plastic surgery] is for me, but each to their own. I gauge my weight more by how tight my skinny jeans are. If I want to lose weight, I reduce portion sizes but I really just love food too much.

"I've started running a lot. I try to do Bikram yoga at least four times a week too, first thing in the morning. It really is great, both physically and mentally."

Despite being the new face of Estée Lauder's Double Confidence campaign, Laura revealed it takes between 20 minutes and an hour to get make-up ready.

Speaking to, the former MTV News presenter said: "I never have time to get ready and can do it in 20 minutes or less if I have to. For red carpet, there's usually a hair and make-up artist and it takes an hour,"

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty is currently focusing on building up her DJ skills, and opened the Summer Season for London nightclub Boujis with a four hour set on Thursday (04.06.15).

Kicking off with OMI's chart hit 'Cheerleader', the 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here Now!" presenter partied with the crowd until closing time, drinking Beluga Martinis with three of her friends.

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