Lauren Pope has become 'less brave' with her style

Lauren Pope has become "less brave" with her style and has admitted her bolder wardrobe choices were because she was "more attention seeking".

Lauren Pope has become 'less brave' with her style

Lauren Pope has become "less brave" with her style.

The 33-year-old former 'The Only Way is Essex' - who quit the ITVBe hit series in 2015 following her five-year run on the show - has revealed she was bolder with her wardrobe choices when she was younger because she was "more attention seeking".

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about her former cringe-worthy fashion sense, the blonde beauty said: "I look back and I laugh, but the way I think of it is at the time that is what I wanted to do, so you can't think 'Oh god, why did I do that', because there was a reason at the time why you did that specific thing.

"I think as you get older I've become less brave; when you are young you just feel like you don't need to really give a s**t. You just think I'm going to try it. I think when I was younger I was a bit more attention seeking than I am now. So the outfits I wore were probably for that purpose."

And on reflection the TV personality-come-entrepreneur has admitted she regrets donning a dress with no sides, which was held together with one mere hook, to a red carpet event.

She said: "When I look back at red carpet outfits I wore a dress that didn't have sides to it apart from one little hook."

However the founder of Hair Rehab London, who has built up her beauty empire over nine years - believes 'TOWIE' was partly to blame for the fashion faux pas, although it has taught her to be more selective of what she wears.

She explained: "I think when we all first joined we all got caught up in the whirlwind of it all, all the free stuff. Even now it amazes me that we get free stuff, but I think back then it was such a novelty that it was like whatever you got sent you just put it on and just wear it.

"Whereas now, as times goes on, I think you become more selective about wearing stuff you know suits you rather than things you can just get hold of. I think as time goes on you start seeing yourself, you start seeing pictures of yourself, you can see what does and doesn't suit you."

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