Lauren Pope wears make-up to the gym

Lauren Pope wears make-up to the gym because it "brightens" up the painful sweaty experience if she looks good.

Lauren Pope wears make-up to the gym

Lauren Pope wears make-up to the gym.

The 33-year-old former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star has admitted she wears mascara, concealer, blusher, lip gloss and has her eyebrows done when she works out because it "brightens up" the sweaty experience if she looks good, although she doesn't do a "full face".

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about her fitness aesthetic, the blonde beauty said: "I don't do full face, but I do do mascara, concealer and then a bit of cheek, so either bronzer or blusher and some lip balm. Oh, and eyebrow. I think if you've got your eyebrows done, then everything else fits into place.

"But people probably think 'Why do you wear make-up in the gym?' But I think 'Why not?' You are looking in the mirror the whole time you are in there, you are getting sweaty and sometimes it is not the most attractive thing you could be doing, but I feel like if you've got a bit of face on, it brightens up the whole experience."

The TV personality-come entrepreneur - who founded her beauty brand Hair Rehab London nine years ago - has revealed her busy schedule makes it difficult for her to exercise daily.

Talking about her fitness routine, the Devon-born DJ said: "Realistically I can't get there [to the gym] everyday but I try to go three to four times a week. And then when I'm in London I will do Reformers Pilates, because they don't do it down in Devon. It's honestly the best thing for your body ... because it stretches your body but makes you so toned, you get a good bum and good abs, which is the best.

"I've got a trainer and she puts it [meal plans] in an Excel spreadsheet, so you can pick a breakfast, lunch and dinner, and two snacks for each day, so you mix and match it."

However, Lauren advocates getting into shape for your summer holiday all year round, and doesn't believe crash dieting and last minute weight loss works.

She explained: "I am a strong believer you get your summer beach body through winter. I don't believe you can just all of a sudden in May think 'S**t I'm going on holiday' you won't be happy, that's why I try to maintain it all year round."

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