Lily James's Downton style lessons

Lily James learned how to accessorise by helping put together her 'Downton Abbey' costumes.

Lily James's Downton style lessons

Lily James learned to accessorise from 'Downton Abbey'.

The 26-year-old actress believes her style "really changed" while portraying Lady Rose Aldridge in the period drama because she began to understand what would make her outfits look even better by helping to put together her costumes.

She said: "My style really changed because I understood accessorising, because every morning I'd go into my trailer and there'd be different necklaces and earrings and gloves and handbags, and depending on my outfit, I'd pick what I would wear with it."

Though Lily is best known for her work in period productions, including her upcoming movie 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies', she would love a modern classic wardrobe for her next role.

Asked what designers she'd like to wear in a movie, she told WWD: "I go for the British designers. I love Burberry, I love Dior, Chanel. I guess it would depend what I was shooting."

And when it comes to her off-duty style, the British beauty likes to borrow clothes from her boyfriend Matt Smith.

She said: "I keep quite a low profile and I wear jeans and jumpers and Converse. I'm the girl that wears her boyfriend's jumpers most of the time."

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