Liv Tyler's boyfriend inspires Belstaff collection

Liv Tyler has revealed her Belstaff collection has been inspired her her love of men's clothes and needing practical outfits as a mother-of-two.

Liv Tyler's boyfriend inspires Belstaff collection

Liv Tyler's debut Belstaff collection is inspired by her boyfriend's clothes.

The 38-year-old actress has designed a collection of outerwear, shoes and bags for the brand - famous for its rainproof jackets - and she admits her penchant for wearing her partner David Gardner's garments has had a major influence on her creations.

In an interview with, Live - whose father is Steven Tyler - said: "I've been thinking about (the idea) that you can be incredibly feminine and all woman, but still have something really strong and masculine in your outfit. It makes you feel powerful. I want things to fit a man and a woman.

"Some of my favourite pieces are things that I borrow from David's closet or my dad's closet. I'm quite a tall person with broad shoulders, so I can fit into men's clothes. I always love a man's coat, it's one of my favourite looks."

Liv's collection will feature up to 10 pieces and will be unveiled during New York Fashion Week in February and the items will come with their own swing tag with the star's signature.

As well as being inspired by her partner's style, Liv's range has been created for mother's with busy lives - just like her.

The 'Armageddon' star has 10-year-old son Milo from her marriage to musician Royston Langdon and nine-month-old Sailor with David, and she admits practical clothes are essential for her.

Liv - who has been working with Delphine Ninous, Belstaff's vice president of women's design, on her range - explained: "At my age now, and as a mother, I like this idea of things being very functional and really worth spending money on - and chic and beautiful, too. Delphine had come with all these pictures of me just walking my son to school, dressed in things I had grabbed off the floor. I hadn't planned my outfits at all. She put all these mood boards together and we talked about wanting to do the best leather, and an amazing army coat, and a beautiful winter puffer coat - but with some sort of fluffy element to it."

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