Lorde: Chloe fashion show was like music to me

Lorde had a front row seat at the Chloe show in Paris on Sunday (08.03.15) and admitted she felt "blessed" to have been invited.


Lorde attended the Chloe show in Paris on Sunday (08.03.15) and was blown away by the "beauty" of the models.

The 'Royals' singer had a front row seat at the catwalk event in France, which was part of Paris Fashion Week, and she was absolutely thrilled to have been invited to attend.

In a posting on her Twitter account, she said: "Paris fashion week is so much fun and so ridiculous and everyone is beautiful and everything sounds like music to me (sic)"

Lorde, 18, also admitted she felt she had to look serious because she was "blessed" to have one of the best seats at the show and knew she'd be photographed watching the models as they strutted their stuff.

In other tweets, she posted: "My face has never been this composed #blessed at @chloe today ... Paris, it's been REAL (sic)"

Lorde was among a host of celebrities in attendance at the show.

Other guests included Poppy Delevingne, Kelly Rowland, Lily Donaldson and Olivia Palermo.

Kelly took to her Instagram account to personally thank the Chloe team for inviting her to the catwalk event.

She posted: "Thank You Claire and Sandra and the rest of the Chloe Team for allowing me to float through Paris today! XO (sic)"

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